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Sing with emotion.
Impress with range.
Connect with listeners.

Singing lessons for singers, aspiring singers, and hobbyists.

Easy-to-learn, science-based techniques

for improving range, expressiveness and tone. 


Expand your range to sing all your favourite songs

Hit new highs and reach new lows (literally) to sing your favourite tunes with confidence!


Build heartfelt connections with emotive singing

Learn the elements of what makes songs ‘heartfelt’ and ‘emotive’, and create genuine connections with listeners.


Improve the quality of your voice: Tone, texture, stability

Showcase the unique qualities of your voice, and discover the fundamentals of improving (or changing) your ‘sound’.  

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Vocal instructor

Kevin Lim

Good to meet you! 


I'm a lifelong music learner, singer, and vocal coach (singing teacher).

My singing journey

Over the past 20 years, I've performed at live gigs, for choirs, alongside bandmates, and at other random spaces (like touring Singapore estates with an acapella group, singing at restaurants and cafes, in competitions, and so on).

During this time, I've studied with vocal experts specialising in styles such as pop, mandopop, R&B, and jazz – learning how to sing with clarity and freedom in my chest, head, and mix voices

Putting together the most effective techniques from these masters, I’ve developed a scientific system for improving your singing – one that cuts vagueness like, ‘sing with more emotion’ or ‘use a clearer sound’ and uses simple, precise, and easy-to-follow directions.

Teaching singing lessons for adults

Since 2019, I've been teaching singing lessons to adult learners – in my home studio, at local (Singapore) music schools, and on Skype

It's always a joy to see students dramatically improve their range, vocal quality, and expressiveness – often within the first few lessons – and truly enjoy singing their favourite songs, freely and easily! 

Lessons: In studio and online

Choose your preferred format and learning location:

  • Home Studio (Sembawang)

  • Music School (Central)

  • Skype (Online)

Home Studio



Music School






Kevin is an awesome teacher. I always look forward to his singing class! Started with face-to-face physical lessons, then virtual lessons during COVID for about a year. I have made great improvements!

From a person who always struggled with keeping a steady beat, I have now become more comfortable in recognising the beat in a song, and I'm able to hit much higher notes with the techniques and practices he's taught me.


His lessons are fun and well structured. Highly recommended if you want to start your singing journey.


Sales Manager


Special offer: $10 trial lesson

Want to try a first lesson, before deciding if lessons are suitable for you?

Experience a 30-minute trial lesson* for a low fee of $10. 

Here's the best part: 

Should you decide to sign up for lessons after, your trial lesson is free! 

(i.e., You'll receive an immediate $10 discount on your first monthly lesson purchase.)

To get started, simply fill in the form below or WhatsApp me at +65 8522 3795.

*At my Home Studio or on Skype

Schedule a lesson

Keen on getting started? Send a message with the form below, or WhatsApp/SMS me at +65 8522 3795 to schedule a lesson!

Thanks for your message, I'll get back to you shortly!

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